Until now, all of the encapsulants on the market were only a short, temporary measure to the end result of the costly removal of the dangerous asbestos. Liquid China now gives another option, which is to be able to encapsulate today and have the protection last for many years (in most cases longer than the life of the building). The immediate cost is a fraction of what removal costs, giving technology time to develop a better system of disposal. If the Liquid China has out-lasted the building, then the remodeling and replacement of the hazardous asbestos (if removed) will never be a cost factor. Liquid China is guaranteed for 15 years on normal application and with the cross-hatching system (two coats, the first for penetration and the second for bridging) should last a lot longer. It is easy to agree that Liquid China not only is the most economic way to handle the asbestos problem, but also the most sensible.